Wood Powder Coating


Powder coating has proved its strength for decades in the surface finishing of metals, and now it is acknowledged as a robust, cost-effective and environment-friendly technology for MDF.

Low-temperature, fast-curing powders, plus a new combination oven using infrared and hot air to melt and cure have allowed past MDF powder coating challenges to stay firmly in the past.

The technology of powder coated MDF has become a technically and economically attractive alternative to wet lacquering and PVC foil lamination. It shows enormous potential with regard to economic efficiency, surface toughness plus the availability of a wide spectrum of color designs and effects, while giving off zero emissions.


The powder coating process out performs wet lacquering and PVC foil lamination in terms of economic efficiency

-  Material efficiency with liquid paints: 35% as overspray cannot be recovered
-  Material efficiency with wood powder coating: Up to 98% as overspray is reclaimed and reused
-  Scrap materials with PVC lamination can amount to more than 50%


Powder coatings feature high mechanical durability and chemical resistance exceeding the properties of liquid paints in most instances. PVC foil lamination being thermoplastic material is considerable inferior in terms of scratch resistance and in addition can lead to de-lamination on edges.


Seamless powder coating offers a highly water and heat resistant finish that can be supplied to components of many different sizes and shapes. With a large selection of bold and sleek colors, unlimited edge profiles, and the ability to withstand stains and affects of UV -- your design vision can be realized, then upheld.


  • Produces high quality seamless all around coatings with all kinds of edge and surface profiles.
  • A virtually unlimited choice of colors and different surface textures can be obtained.  In contrast to liquid paints the whole spectrum of micro, fine and rough textures can be easily realized with powder coatings.
  • Powder coating MDF affords designers the option to explore new and different shapes, contoured with various edge profiles to meet today’s demand for flexibility and fashion design.
  • For the coating of MDF, powder coatings with highly reactive thermal curing chemistries have been developed for commercial use.


With no VOC emissions, wood powder coating is extremely climate-friendly. Unlike wet lacquers, Powder coating does not contain any solvents or volatile compounds. This means, no hazardous paint sludge, no expensive treatment or disposal, no toxicologically harmful pigments, and a low environmental impact.