The future of veneer is here

A revolutionary alternative to wood veneer

Kora TFL is transforming the wood products industry by offering a paintable, stainable replacement for wood veneer. With Kora, you get consistency in pattern or grain for a flawless finish – every time. It’s all the beauty you expect from wood veneers with fewer finishing steps and a lower environmental impact.

Endless possibilities

Explore the full range of finishing possibilities ingrained in Kora. Treated paper is ready to be finished with any color paint or stain – giving you total control over your TFL product.


Repeatable results

Create the look you want without the imperfections of wood veneer

Fewer steps to finished

Paint without priming. Only light sanding required for staining.

Low environmental impact

High-yield, low waste product made from sustainably harvested trees

Long-term durability

Because it’s thermally fused, Kora will not split like wood veneer

Sustainably harvested and honed

Kora Veneers are high-yield and low-waste, using fewer natural resources than wood veneers to provide the same amount of usable product. Since Kora is also crafted with paper made from softwood pulp trees grown in managed forests rather than clear cutting hardwood trees, the end result is a product that minimizes environmental impact while making a statement.